Terms of Service - Teulu Breedables - Second Life

Welshgoddess & Soraya Midal

In the best interest to everyone we would like to make it clear with our TOS to protect our investment and our customers.

** We do not allow any copybotting of any of our products if you are found violating this term we will report you too LL and take legal action against anyone this breaks this term***

We do not allow any of our designs to be taken or copied out side Secondlife. We have invested a lot of time and money making this creation so please respect this and please do not ask for a License to take outside Secondlife as this will be turned down**

Scripting and animations belong to Teulu furb breedable so please do not try and copy as this will break our TOS and we will take action, we have worked hard to make our product.

If we find you engaged in any activities listed above, we reserve the right to remove your access to our database, sales vendors and disable any FURB products you have purchased in our database and in world.

We are new at making breedables so if you have any comments or complaints please send on NC to Welshgoddess who will deal with any issues you may have..


When Purchasing one of our products you are agreeing to abide by our terms of this agreement if for any reason you do not agree or feel you cannot comply then please delete them and retain no copies of them on any grid or your hard drive..

Violations of the license will be reported to Linden Labs under the American DCMA Copyright Act. Other legal actions will follow if deemed necessary .



Anyone found pricing basket or live FURBS under 250L will be asked to change their prices immediately. If said person does not comply we reserve the right to remove access to all FURBS vendors moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding
welshgoddess & Soraya midal

Furb Team

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