We are still moving in, and as such the help section is not yet complete. We will be adding to this over time, but in the mean time please lodge a ticket via our in world terminals at any of our stores. Click HERE to view our store list. Thank you for your understanding <3

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : How do I birth my Furb basket/Horse Rocker?

A : You touch your basket/rocker. A menu shows up in right top corner click birth and let it finish birthing this can take few minutes so wait until its set on the ground.

Q : What age do they start to breed?

A : They start breeding from age of 7 days but you have to put out AppleFloss from day 7 so they can start heat rising.

Q : How long does Heat take?

A : They take 32 hours so your Furb/Horse is ready to get pregnant from day 8 and a half :)

Q : How long are they pregnant for?

A : They are pregnant between 2.5 and 3 days

Q : How long is recovery time for male?

A : The male will gain heat after breeding with female within 32 hrs

Q : How long is it for female recovery from Birth?

A : It takes the female 32 hrs or 2.5 days to recover from birth and then another 32 hours for the heat to rise for breeding.

Q : What is the best range setting?

A : We recommend the minimum of 15 for the range setting

Q : Why has my Furb/Horse got sick?

A : It is more likely you have run out of food or you have not set range correctly (please make sure food is in same group as Furb/Horse also and as land)

Q : How do I heal my sick Furb/Horse?

A : We have vet potions for you to heal your Furbs/Horses. Located at main store or one of affiliate vendor areas.

Q : Is there a way I can boost my Furb/Horse pregnancy ?

A : Yes we have pregnancy boosters in our stores they come in 10% and 25%. You can only use one booster per pregnancy.

Q : What should I do if my Furb/Horse is frozen

A : First please try rerezzing the Furb/Horse. If still frozen Contact a CSR which you can do in store using out ticket system and they will contact you and they will be happy to fix it for.

Q : What do i do if my Furb/Horses menu don't show up?

A : First try rerezzing the Furb/Horse. More than likely if your Furb/Horse is sick you need to check food if you've run out you need to buy more and buy a vet potion to fix it. IF that doesn't work Contact a CSR which you can do in store using out ticket system and they will contact you and they will be happy to fix it for.

Q : What do i do my Furb/Horse is stuck at 99 pregnancy is it going to lose my baby?

A : No if you send your Furb/Horse into CSR they will be able to fix it for you and return your Furb/Horse back 99% Pregnant

Q : What should I do if my Furb/Horse gives me a basket which has no stats and says SUCCESS?

A : Send in the basket in to a folder with your name on it date and you can request CSR in Group or put ticket in store if your female has already started pregnancy recovery but please put on nc your details plus the parents starts

Q : How many females to one male?

A : It is 3 females to 1 male but depending on timing you could get 4 females to 1 male

Q : What is passion potion used for?

A : It is used to higher your female heat (passion) higher to get to breeding quicker, these potions are 10% boosters only

Q : Can I breed sibling together?

A : Yes you can breed siblings together for example : Mother & son , Father & Daughter and Brothers & sisters

Q : What age do they breed too?

A : They breed until they reach 100 days

Q : Can I pet my Furb/Horse once it has retired?

A : Yes you can by using our Pet potion available in our store.

Q : What is Angeled?

A : Angeled is when you send your Furb/Horse to heaven but please note once this is done you can not retrieve it back so make sure before you agree. You will receive 100 basic points and then depending on the age and traits you will then get extra bonus points on top :)

Q : What can is use my Angel points for?

A : You can buy any of the items we have in store except the Furb/Horse packs , so on our Angel vendor we have Food, Candy floss and potions.

Q : How do I know how many Angel points I have?

A : We have angel vendor in our store all you have to do is click it and it will tell you in local what points you have gain, if you wish to purchase from the vendor using your points then select the item you wish to purchase and once this is done your item will be sent directly to you and then will give your balance remaining.

Q : What are the traits that can be given?

A : Once something new comes out you can get new coat, eye, hair and horn

Q : Where can I purchase consumables?

A : We have all consumables in our store plus we also have breedable sims who have affiliate vendors for you to purchase from for list of breedable sims please ask a member of staff.

Q : Is the update necessary?

A : Yes we always recommend you do the updates , this will help your Furb/Horse and also fix any bugs we might have from time to time.

Q : How long does the Food last?

A : The food will last 2 Furb/Horses for 2 weeks

Q : How long does the Candy Floss last?

A : Candy floss can last up to 3 - 4 weeks for 2 Furb/Horses

Q : If I rez out candy floss when I birthed my Furb/Horses will it eat the candy floss right away?

A : No it will only start eating the candy floss when it reaches 7 days old and once it has reached 100% it will stop eating the candy floss

Q : Does the heat come down once it reaches 100%?

A : No it will remain at 100% until it has breed or candyfloss has been removed or run out.
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